What you can do

If you’re looking to do your bit to help Love Your Race and to help fight against White genocide there are number of ways you can do this.

Firstly, to help Love Your Race, you can simply help by spreading the word. Post the link for the website everywhere possible, you can hand out flyers also, this would make a huge impact.
Tell your friends, family, colleagues and loved ones all about Love Your Race and what you have learned about White genocide, and share those facts and spread the word and create more awareness on the matter. The more people who know, the more we can fight against White genocide. (That’s the biggest problem, so many people are simply unaware !!)

You can organize gatherings, whether it be just amongst your family, your circle of friends, your neighborhood, your community, or the public (the more people the better) and speak up. Hand out some literature on the matter for everyone to go away with, speak about the facts, educate one and other and so on.

And let’s bear in mind. It’s one thing to spread the word, but it’s another to properly educate and have people realize the correct way of life and to support the fight against White genocide with us.

Lastly, simply make the correct choices and live life the way us Whites should. Make yourself the best example you can possibly be to other Whites. The White race can always improve itself. Make yourself an example of what it means to be White.

If you have any ideas you wish to contribute on other ways supporters of the fight against White genocide can do their bit, contact us.

(Picture for sharing online, on social networking sites, blogs etc or use as a flyer. Where ever you wish to share the picture. Also correct dimensions to fit Facebook cover photo)



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