This is a site for Pro White people worldwide and those who have recently discovered Pro White and wish to learn more. This is the site to gain knowledge in every category that concerns the White race and a place to communicate with your White brothers and sisters.

The primary goals of the site are to keep Pro Whites well informed and up to date with news, information and everything that is Pro White related.
The majority of Pro White related information and news etc is often very well hidden, even on the internet and it can be difficult for people who love their race to find the kind of content the site has.

Another goal is for people to gain knowledge in White genocide, being Pro White and improving the White race and to learn the truth about a lot subjects which have been taught to most us through lies.

The term ‘Pro White’ is to be used throughout the site because I consider that to be best correct term to describe people who love their White race worldwide. National Socialism and politics is what splits up the White race creating ‘National Socialists’. White is white, and we are ALL brothers and sisters. Pro White is loving the White race worldwide, different countries and politics and history does not play a part in being Pro white.


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