Serial rapist posed as Vogue photographer to befriend women in upmarket bars then ‘spiked their drinks’ so they blacked out

  • Fabio Moniz convicted of raping two women at Snaresbrook Crown Court last week
  • Police know little about Portuguese 27-year-old beyond criminal history
  • Moniz cleared of rape two years ago

Sex predator: Fabio Moniz posing on his Facebook page

Sex predator: Fabio Moniz posing on his Facebook page

He posed as a Vogue photographer and a model so the young women  he charmed in upmarket bars and restaurants trusted him enough to take him home.

But Fabio Moniz, 27, was a rapist who would get his victims so intoxicated they would neither know nor remember what he did to them.

The sexual predator put his head in his hands in apparent shock after a jury last week found him guilty of raping two women.

The verdict at Snaresbrook Crown Court came four years after he  was cleared of raping an American student in London.

Police know little about Moniz, from Portugal, or even how long he has been in Britain, and fear there may be other victims.

The American woman who accused him of rape in June 2009 was so convinced he was dangerous that she returned to Britain for the trial to give evidence against him. Now back in New York, and working as a financial analyst, she told The Mail on Sunday: ‘I’m happy with the verdict.’

Moniz met another American woman last September as she dined alone in Claridges. He pretended to be gay and said he had just returned from a photoshoot for Vogue.

When she woke hours later with him beside her in her hotel bed denying they had had sex, she felt drugged and confused. She left to catch her flight home, where she reported the rape to police.

One of the British women he raped, whom we are calling ‘Sarah’, told how Moniz came up behind her and  a friend on a Mayfair street and started asking them where they were going before accompanying them to the bar of the May Fair hotel.

The businesswoman told The Mail on Sunday: ‘He was smartly dressed in a denim shirt, sweater and jeans, and had a cut-glass accent with a slight lisp, saying, “Oh sweetie, I work in the fashion business with supermodels.”

‘But all the time he must have  been thinking about how he could lure me back to his flat and rape  me. He was very personable, maybe we were too trusting, but he was easy company.

Demon: Moniz preyed on women by telling them he was a gay photographer for Vogue

Demon: Moniz preyed on women by telling them he was a gay photographer for Vogue

By midnight the three had moved to the nearby Maddox nightclub where the vodka was flowing. Sarah said: ‘Neither of us fancied Moniz – he appeared to be gay. Every time we strayed away, he would come and find us and say, “Come on girls, come back to the table.” ’

By 2.30am Sarah was feeling more than just drunk and her friend was slumped on a sofa. Moniz is suspected of spiking their drinks with date-rape drug GHB, although any signs of it had worn off by the time the rape was reported to police.

Good time guy: On his Facebook profile under the name Fabs Fabio Finch, Moniz portrayed an image of himself as a fun party animal

Good time guy: On his Facebook profile under the name Fabs Fabio Finch, Moniz portrayed an image of himself as a fun party animal

He is thought to have later put cocaine into their mouths while they lay unconscious at the flat he took them to near Tower Bridge.

Sarah’s friend clearly remembers a second man in the flat, although he was not accused of any assault, and police have never found him.

Sarah was groggy and confused when she woke the next morning to find Moniz trying to have sex with her, and had no idea she had been raped until her friend later told her what she had seen.

Moniz was cleared of sexually assaulting Sarah’s friend. ‘We knew something strange had happened, and slowly I pieced together the evening and realised I’d been raped,’ said Sarah. ‘A day later I knew I had to report it to the police.’

The pair thanked the American woman who accused Moniz in 2009 for helping secure a conviction.

A psychiatrist will assess Moniz before sentencing next month.

Detective Chief Inspector Pete Thomas, who led the investigation, said: ‘Moniz is a very, very dangerous individual. I certainly believe  he has committed other offences.  A lot of his victims will have  been drinking.

‘They may not want to come forward because they might not know what’s happened to them. We want them to come forward.’



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