Mercedes’ Hit-and-run on Adolf Hitler A spoof advertisement that shows a Mercedes running down a young Adolf Hitler has become an online hit – but the German car maker is reportedly not amused by it.



The 80-second video clip, which was created by students at Germany’s Ludwigsburg film academy, depicts a C-class Mercedes taking out the German Nazi dictator as a child in his birthplace, Braunau am Inn, in late 19th century Austria.

The limousine passes cows, women in frocks then brakes before hitting curious children crossing the road – the Collision Prevent Assist has saved the children’s lives.

But when another dark-haired boy crosses the road blindly, he’s flattened by the 21st century vehicle – the face of Adolf Hitler flashes on the screen and his distraught mother screams, “Oh, Adolf!”

The boy’s body is seen lying lifelessly the road, his limbs arranged in the shape of a swatstika as a subtitle appears: “Mercedes Benz – automatic braking system – detects dangers before they arise.”

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