South African Government Hides Black on White Murders With Fake Death Certificates


ANC+GenocideThe ruling ANC party in South Africa actively encourages people to murder whites. Recently the president of South Africa led a huge ANC rally in singing a song about mowing down white people with a machine gun.

Under the ANC, record keeping has collapse. So there is no way of knowing just how many white people are being murdered. Over the past few weeks it has come to light that the South African government is also purposefully falsifying records to hide the true number of white people being murdered by black people.


According to newspaper reports recently unearthed by several rights groups in South Africa, murders of South African whites are being disguised by issuing death certificates showing that they had died of “natural causes”. At least three such cases have come to light.

In a brutal murder, auto-electrician Henry Locke (41) was shot through the heart in front of his whole family on 5 October 2009. Afterwards, the ANC-controlled state issued a death certificate stating that he had died of “natural causes”.

Commenting on the certificate, published in the Johannesburg daily Beeld on 30 October 2009, his wife Amanda Locke (43) expressed shock, saying: “On the contrary, he was shot dead right in front of us, before our very eyes.” (Beeld archive here.)

“They did not say anything. They just shot him dead. On the spot where he was shot, he fell and died.

“How can the murder case continue if the death certificate states that he died of natural causes?

“It is impossible that he could have died of natural causes. It simply cannot be.”

Mr. Locke was shot in the heart on the Elands game farm near Cullinan, northeast of Pretoria, in front of his daughter, Monique (13) and son Dawie (23), a paraplegic. According to Mrs. Locke, the government officials told her that the bullet hitting her husband’s heart had caused a heart attack, therefore the cause was “natural”.

When the Beeld reporter contacted Mr. Ronnie Mamoepa, the spokesman for the Department of Home Affairs, he told her that he was “certain that the information on the death certificate was wrong” and that “the mistake would definitely be corrected”. To date, there has been no news of any correction.

The ruling ANC party actively encourages the murder of white people. Below is South African president Jacob Zuma leading a jubilant ANC rally in singing about murdering white people.

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