British Police Taser 80 Animals in Three Years: Targets Include 75 Dogs, a Cow on Loose in Town Centre and a Runaway Ram

  • Officers say they fired stun guns to protect public and colleagues
  • 50,000-volt weapon used against 75 dogs, two cows and a sheep
  • Most of the dogs which were subdued were pit-bulls or mastiffs

Police have shot almost 80 animals with Taser stun-guns since 2010, figures show.

Officers say they fired the 50,000-volt stun guns to protect the public and their colleagues from aggressive animals. The weapon was deployed against 75 dogs, two cows and a sheep.

Figures from police forces across the country show that most of the dogs which were subdued were pit-bulls or mastiffs.


Scotland Yard has used Tasers on 12 dogs, including an out-of-control bull mastiff which was shot by three officers last summer.

The police log said the dog was fired at because it had attacked members of the public in the street and became aggressive towards officers.

In another incident earlier this year a Metropolitan Police officer Tasered a Staffordshire Terrier after it attacked a man in public gardens.


The report said: ‘Upon arrival male seen covered in blood lying on ground with a dog biting his arms and legs. Officer discharged Taser to prevent any further injuries.’

Police in north Devon stunned a ram after it ran across traffic on the A30 near Okehampton and they were ‘unable to contain it’.

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