At Least 60 White South Africans were Murder by Racist Blacks in the Past Two Months

The rate at which whites are being murdered is higher than any national murder rate anywhere in the world.

Censorbugbear/Farmitracker has documented 60 whites murdered in South Africa in the past two months. We don’t know the full extent of the murders, because South African record-keeping has collapsed under the ANC. Officially, crime is declining in South Africa, but only because it is simply not being recorded.!__page-1-copy1

These links above provide constantly updated news on the murder and genocide of whites in South Africa. The white genocide in South Africa is something I will write about more on another date in more detail. However it is very well hidden and covered up and something not many people are aware of at all, despite its awfully high numbers of murder.

Source: White resister

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