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It is widely accepted by historians including such Holocaust authorities as Deborah Lipstadt or Christopher Browning, that Rudolf Höss, who was the first of three commanders of Auschwitz self incriminated himself because he had been brutally tortured. Rudolf Höss signed a confession about his part in the alleged gassing of millions of Jews, although the utter falsity of his confession in that the gassing method he described is not scientifically plausible cannot be denied.

Eye witnesses at pre Nuremberg Trial investigation rooms observed captors crushing the prisoners’ testicles with pliers, forcing burning matches under their fingernails and beating them senseless with brass knuckles. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What German really had to endure when eye witnesses were not around, when their captors didn’t have to hold back, we may never know. But rest assured that the worst of what one human can do onto another has been employed.

Rudolf Höss had no other option but to provide the utterly nonsensical and implausible testimony but trusting the future generation of unbiased researchers would read between the lines and see through it, he injected his confession with clues that it’s a complete fugazi.

Following quotes are excerpts from Rudolf Höss’ Nuremberg testimony:

I had the order to produce extermination facilities in Auschwitz in June 1941. At that time three further annihilation camps already existed in the general government: Belzec, Treblinka and Wolzek. These camps found themselves under the mission command of the security police and the SD. I visited Treblinka in order to determine how the annihilations were carried out. The camp commander of Treblinka said to me that he had liquidated 80,000 in the course of a half year. He had mainly to do with the liquidation of all Jews from the Warsaw ghetto. He used monoxide gas and according to his opinion his methods were not very effective.

When I built the annihilation building in Auschwitz, I therefore used Zyklon B, a crystallized hydrocyanic acid, which we threw into the death chamber through a small opening. It took 3 to 15 minutes, depending on the climatic conditions, in order to kill the people in the death chamber. We knew when the people were dead because their screaming stopped. We waited usually a half hour before we opened the doors and removed the bodies.

Can you see the clue? Let me help you out – it’s the reference to Wolzek, which Rudolf Höss alleges was an annihilation camp. You know what’s interesting about this particular camp? That there is no such camp, nor has there ever been.

Wolzek is a fabrication Rudolf Höss injected into his confession as a clue to future scholars (minus the indoctrinated sheeple) that the entire confession is a fugazi. He knew his torturers were so preoccupied with forcing him to confess to gassing millions of Jews to death in alleged gas chambers, it would not occur to them that he would find the audacity to cheat them with a fabricated death camp. Jew = PWNT!

Of course, he foresaw that the first thing the indoctrinated ones would do is claim that Wolzek was simply a misheard, misspelled or otherwise misrepresented name of the camp in Belzec, so to counter that argument, he did list Belzec by its correct name and intentionally mentioned it first as a clear sign that he was aware of it and Wolzec was an intentional fabrication, just as the rest of his confession.

Rewrites by Holocaust Liars

As could be expected, in a last ditch effort to hide that Rudolf Höss’ was subjected to torture and had his life and the lives of his family threatened as admitted by Bernard Clarke, the Jew, the Holocaust storytellers had to reinvent the name of Wolzek and include it in the new references to the Holocaust. The popular one is to say that the camp in Sobibor is sometimes called Wolzek, although these references seem to be all from the post Nuremberg Trails time.

An even more pathetic attempt at hiding the truth to give room to the Holocaust lies are some sources intentionally changing the June 1941 date in the confession into June 1942. The reason being – which is another fabrication Rudolf Höss intentionally injected into his confession – the camps at Belzec and Treblinka weren’t yet constructed in the Summer of 1941.

Belzec had been in existence as a transit camp since about December 1939, but it did not begin to operate as a labor camp until March 1942. Sobibor did not begin operation until May 1942, and Treblinka not until July 1942. So even if we were to believe the Holocaust storytellers that Wolzek is Sobibor, the camp still did not exist in June 1941.

BTW, Rudolf Höss is not the only tortured German who injected his confession with brilliant clues to outsmart his captors. We’ll get to more in the future articles.


As always, I consider it important to remind everyone that the purpose of the Holohoax series is not to state that they say this and I say that – they are wrong, I am right. The purpose is to engage your critical thinking so you can draw conclusions for yourself. Never arbitrarily accept other people’s version of the “truth”. Not mine, not theirs, not anyone’s. Verify, double verify and trust no one but your own gut. That’s how you’ll find the truth.

Source: BestGore

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