Welcome :) 27th post.

So this is my 27th post.
Today I decided to start sharing the site.
I would consider it ‘finished’ or ‘finished enough’ for people to start viewing.
I have a lot more, and I mean a lot more content to post on many topics.
As well as daily news and information updates.
So please be patient, it’s early days still for the site and I spend time on it everyday getting it closer to being finished.
Just hope you all like it 🙂

I did ask a question in my group on FB, what news sites do you use to keep informed on pro white related news and information. I was very surprised that so many people don’t even know of any news sites, or where to even begin looking for any. So this site has the convenience of combining a lot news and information (all credited for) from various websites and posted right here all in one place. As well as the sites own content and posts and news and information.

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