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So let’s start with Holohoax, one of the biggest historical lies of all time.

However because Holohoax is an issue so complex it cannot be covered in a single post, I will make it an ongoing series. But before I get any further, I will have to remind you of the most important thing I have ever needed to remind you of – there is no truth. The only truth is you. The only authority is you. Trust no one, but your own gut. Verify, double verify and depend on no one but yourself for you are the only one who will not let you down. When it gets dark, even your own shadow abandons you.

Holohoax Disclaimer

The Holohoax series will reveal and disseminate material contained in historical documents. It will be provided on Best Gore with a conviction that the information is plausible. To provide such information does not equate urging or spurring on others to take adverse action against any national, racial or religious group.

To point out that something that is said to have happened in the past may not have happened in the way that had been reported cannot possibly be considered incitement to racial or religious hatred.

It is my sincere belief that the concept of a Holocaust as presented by the Jewish community should not be off limits to fair comment and freedom of expression from non Jews.

Making the official Holocaust theory the only episode in history that is off limits to verification stirs suspicion because it could mean that there are groups that wish to keep certain facts which may not reflect well on themselves concealed.

Genuine historical research on the Holocaust cannot be characterised as offensive to anyone, not even the victims of World War II.

Article 19 of the UN Human Rights Charter

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

The Holohoax

I believe the truth has no need of coercion. I also believe in your intelligence and sound judgment. I’m writing this post solely as an introduction to the newly created Holohoax category. There is a lot to be learned. Make it your quest to discern that which is valid from that which is not.

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