Endless Tragedy: What Did You Expect When You Allowed These Muslims in Your Country?


17-year-old British girl, repeatedly raped by Muslims since she was eleven, tries to kill herself after testifying – why are these people in our country?

It has been released that a girl, 17, whose name remains confidential due to her being under age, attempted to kill herself after her first day testifying before the Oxford Crown Court in the trial of ten Muslim men who groomed her from the age of 11 to work in their all-White girl prostitution ring.

Look at their faces.  Do they look like people you would want to live around?  People you would want to have access to your daughters?

Look at their faces. Do they look like people you would want to live around? People you would want to have access to your daughters?

From the Daily Mail:

The 17-year-old took an overdose after her first day of evidence, raising more concerns about how vulnerable witnesses are cared for during sex abuse trials.

These 10 men were accused of a string of rapes and other child sex offences against her and others in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

[…]A source close to her said she had taken the pills because of the ‘stress and pressure she was feeling’.

The obvious reaction of normal people to this situation would be “why were these men not simply lynched?  What purpose could putting this poor girl through the pain of testifying publicly about something so shameful as children rape by a group of gross monsters from the savage land?”

A more important question, however, is “why are these ‘people’ in Britain?”

Surely, you cannot bring people from a country so deranged as the majority of the Muslim nations are, people of a race with a completely alternate, alien sense of right and wrong, and expect that they should behave in the manner that we consider to be civilized, simply because they have gotten on a plane and entered a civilized country?  The very concept is so sick and idiotic that it is difficult to even process that a person could think up such a fantasy.

Any logical, rational person could look at the nature of the races which reside in the nations West Asia, the Middle East and Africa and see that we are demanding this type of behavior when we invite them in our countries.  It is like releasing millions of wild tigers onto the streets – will you expect that they will not harm a human, simply because you are making sure they are fed, and treating them very kindly?

The entire invasion project, being run by the Jews who control all western governments, is designed to cause endless tragedy and ultimately the destruction of all of our countries, and our race.  There is no way around this blatant reality.  Anyone who denies it is either brainwashed, stupid or malevolent.

Source: dailystormer

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