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Photo above was taken by the British Military at the concentration camp in Bergen-Belsen. It shows the victims of the typhus epidemic which occurred at the end of World War II. Unfortunately, this photo, as well as countless others are commonly shown in the Holocaust documentaries either without commentary or without clarifying how all these people died. Instead, such photos are shown during emotional speeches about how millions of Jews had been gassed to death as part of the Final Solution so the viewer gets an impression that these must be the many victims of the Nazis.

Of course, such rhetoric would not fool medical professionals who would know by looking at the picture that if these people had been gassed, they would not be so visibly emaciated, cause why bother gassing someone who’s already one foot in a grave. Actually, you don’t have to be a medical professional to realize that, just a average but sane and intelligent human. A medical professional would know that they would not have died of starvation because if that were the case, their joints and stomachs would appear swollen. A medical professional would know at first glance that these emaciated people had died of typhus.

It is rather convenient that not one photograph of mass graves or heaps of corpses was taken in camps “liberated” by the Soviets. All existing photographs are from Western camps, such as Dachau, Bergen-Belsen or Buchenwald. Because western investigators were allowed entry to camps liberated by Western allies, historians agree that no mass murder took place in Western camps. The only camps that are still associated with the alleged mass gassings are Auschwitz, Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec, Chelmno and Majdanek – camps “liberated” by the Reds who allowed no investigators, journalists, medical professionals or other experts to examine them, razed four of them to the ground and reconstructed the buildings in the remaining two to fit their agenda.

Steven F. Pinter who served as a lawyer for the US War Department in Germany and Austria for 6 years after World War II made the following statement (published in Catholic magazine Our Sunday Visitor on June 12, 1959):

I was in Dachau for 17 months after the war, as a US Department Attorney, and can state that there was no gas chamber at Dachau. What was shown to visitors and sightseers there and erroneously described as a gas chamber was a crematory. Nor was there a gas chamber at any of the other concentration camps in Germany.

Dr. Martin Broszat, the anti-Nazi Director of the Institute of Contemporary History in Munich admitted to Die Zeit on August 19, 1960:

…there were no extermination camps on German soil.

Dr. Charles Larson, a highly regarded US pathologist who was appointed by the Judge Advocate General’s Department to investigate the conditions and the cause of deaths in the camps concluded after overseeing thousands of autopsies that:

Not one case of death by poison gas was found.

For obvious reasons, evidence provided by Steven Pinter and Dr. Charles Larson was deliberately ignored by the Nuremberg Kangaroo Court.

German Plan to Save the Lives of Jews and Gentiles

(One of the Four Delousing Chambers as It Can Be Seen Today in Dachau)

The chief cause of death in German labor camps, as found by Dr. Charles Larson was Typhus – a deadly disease spread by the lice. Because Typhus was a widespread problem and a serious health threat during WWII, Germans engineers and chemists were commissioned to develop the means to counter the Typhus epidemic. And even though the international Jewry declared war on Germany and documented their plans to wipe the German race out of the existence, the priorities of Germans were on the exactly opposite end of the spectrum – to minimize life losses and to invest into preservation of life whether it was the life of a German, a Slav or a Jew.

With that in mind and with orders from the higher ups to match, German engineers and chemists rolled up their sleeves and devised the system that could effectively counter the threat to the lives of Jews and Gentiles alike. As a result, delousing gas chambers were built in concentration camps and were equipped with machinery specifically designed by German engineers to heat the Zyklon B pellets up, to maximise the distribution of poisonous fumes throughout the chamber, to retain the pellets for recycling and to ventilate the rooms following each cycle so further items in need of delousing could be processed without needless delay.

This plan by the Germans to save lives is well documented and undisputed, although never mentioned as such by the Zionist propaganda materials the purpose of which is to make it look as though the exact opposite was true – as though the Germans had a plan to exterminate the Jews.

(Entrance to the Delousing Chamber in Auschwitz Concentration Camp)

French professor and historian Robert Faurisson said in a letter published by Le Monde:

Despite thousands of detailed documents on the crematoria built to dispose of the bodies of typhus victims, not a single piece of documentary evidence has ever been produced to substantiate the existence of even one gas chamber; not an order for construction, a plan, an invoice, or a photograph. During the hundreds of “war crimes” trials, nothing could be produced. There were no gas chambers at Auschwitz or anywhere else in wartime Europe. On that I state my reputation and career.

Delousing Chambers

The purpose of the delousing chambers was to save lives. There is no doubt many hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of people, including Jews owe their lives to the German technology and aptitude to build these delousing chambers and efficiently use the Zyklon-B pellets in them.

Does it really make sense to anyone reasonably sane that the same technologically apt Germans who used a highly developed technology to kill lice in order to save countless human lives, would have simultaneously tried to use inapt methods of carrying out the greatest mass murder in history on the same very people whose lives they went out of their way to save?

But more importantly, how come the Germans developed well-designed gas chambers with heating and circulation to save millions of people from typhus, while at the same time they’d use absurdly designed chambers without heating or circulation to kill millions of people? Why would they have been using an advanced technology to save the very people the Holocaust storytellers allege they were simultaneously trying to kill using ludicrously primitive variation of the same technology?

These are the questions I want you to ask when thinking about the Holocaust. And while you’re at it, ask yourself why it is that I encourage you to verify each and every statement I make with your own research, while the Holocaust storytellers threaten with imprisonment and indeed imprison those who’d dare do their own research to verify their claims.


As always, I consider it important to remind everyone that the purpose of the Holohoax series is not to state that they say this and I say that – they are wrong, I am right. The purpose is to engage your critical thinking so you can draw conclusions for yourself. Never arbitrarily accept other people’s version of the “truth”. Not mine, not theirs, not anyone’s. Verify, double verify and trust no one but your own gut. That’s how you’ll find the truth.

Source: BestGore


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