America’s Black Metropolis: “Enter at Your Own Risk to Detroit”

Detroit is a third world hellhole that is kept alive with massive amounts of state and Federal handouts.

Residents of Detroit are lavished with some of the most extensive welfare benefits of anyone in the world. The state of Michigan now delivers fresh fruit to residents of Detroit at taxpayer expense, because every big box grocery store has been shoplifting into bankruptcy. The city government is regarded as one of the most corrupt in the industrialized world. Only Chicago, Obama’s hometown, has a worse reputation. The situation just keeps getting worse.

Source: The White Resister.

Ilegally dumped tires sit in front of a vacant, blighted home in a once thriving neighborhood on the east side of Detroit article-2211498-154CB468000005DC-127_964x642 usa-detroit

This is the result of mass immigration of non whites in to white civilizations. This is also the result of when communities form of non whites…and the numbers grow rapidly. Just how long will it be before more cities in the USA go the same way ? Not long. It won’t be long either before this happens all over USA & Europe. Large communities of non whites and mass immigration of non whites and crime committed by non whites and benefits / welfare for non whites and immigrants is widely accepted in White countries by Government, in fact it’s exactly what the Government wants. This is almost like a little glimpse of what we can expect to see more of in the future.

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